2D Explainer Video

2D Explainer Video
2D-Explainer Video

Back in the days, the animation was done through hand drawings but now with technological advancements, animation has got a new face which is known as two-dimensional animations or 2D animation. The 2D animation adds interactivity to the still graphics and can be great for telling simple stories. MEMAT Digi has a team of expert 2D animators that use vector graphics to create 2D animation figures. Everything appears in a two-dimensional platform and the pictures appear to be flat and without any depth offering only one perspective.

These days, the use of 2D animation has become quite popular in graphic illustrations to web designing solutions. It can bring interactivity and creativity to any artwork. People tend to get attracted and grasp the message faster through 2D animation. Moreover, 2D animation can be used in corporate presentations, website designing, illustration designing, animated logo design, films and commercials, engineering, and architectural visualization.

2D animations created by MEMAT Digi will give your business the following advantages:

  1. The message can be clearly and quickly understood with the help of 2D animated videos.
  2. 2D animated videos can make any simple promotion attractive and creative.
  3. 2D animation, when used in a website, makes it interactive and unique. The website stands out from the other static HTML websites.
  4. The working of any machinery or production process can be clearly shown through 2D animation.
  5. Our animators are used to using various advanced 2D animation techniques like morphing, twining, onion skinning, and interpolated rotoscoping on a regular basis.