Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

What’s truly fascinating about augmented reality is that it is connecting all screens to our physical world. Most of the interactive work in the field of advertising for the last 20 years has always been on the computer or mobile phone screen. The opportunity digital marketers have with augmented reality is somehow to leave that screen and to start to look around.

Augmented reality brings to the creative process a much more deep level engagement, interaction, and exploration between the brand and the customer. It also brings a new variable into the process that is the environment. The environment can be a part of the story that the brand is trying to tell. One of the defining features of augmented reality is its ability to interact with the user’s environment in an intelligent way and this is how we sell the illusion that there is virtual content in the real world. Once this part is done, customers can explore this whole new world of more natural user interactions.

MEMAT Digi understands the importance of AR and VR when it comes to creating content for the upcoming generation of customers. We provide best augmented reality apps services in Delhi NCR and help small and big businesses to include AR content in their content strategy as the value of AR in marketing is truly significant. Using our AR services, you will be able to deliver a positive, intuitive, and memorable shopping experience to your customers.

The hype about AR and VR is real but the former is slowly and steadily gaining popularity over the latter. We take your business’s regular products and overlay it with audiovisual information which actually comes pretty handy to deliver a good customer experience. This kind of marketing is engaging, informative, and appreciated by customers.

Here are some benefits of using our AR services in the digital marketing campaign of your business:

  1. ENHANCED BRAND AWARENESS: Inculcating AR in your content will encourage your existing customers to share your business with their friends and family. This is particularly beneficial for your business as it will gain exposure which ultimately leads to enhanced brand awareness. Our team of AR experts can create marketing campaigns fueled by AR which not only attracts and entertains customers but also creates a distinct business identity from the competitors.
  2. BETTER CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT: Online shopping has grown manifolds in the last decade or so but people find offline or in-store shopping more convenient and trustworthy. We can create overlays for your products which would help customers to ascertain how that product will fit in their home.
  3. BOOSTING PERCEIVED VALUE: Using our augmented reality services in Delhi, India, your business establish itself as one of the leaders in the market. It has been found that people are ready to pay more for a company’s product or service if they have AR content in their marketing campaign. Also, inculcating AR content changes the way people perceive your brand.
  4. By 2022, a large majority of businesses will have AR and VR content in the digital marketing campaigns. Including AR content designed by MEMAT Digi now will give your business a competitive advantage as we are the best AR app development company in Delhi, India.