Success Stories Make Digital Marketing Popular in India

With the emergence and expand in the use of Digital Media, the popularity of Digital Marketing business in increasing in India. You can assume its popularity with the population of India, which is growing with along with time. The development of mobile phones and internet, which is becoming the fundamental requirement for every single person, has brightened the scope of digital marketing business because new buyers will obviously use the internet to ease their lives.

Initially, the internet users were limited, as only a few people knew how to use it. Presently, the group of users has expanded and everyone prefers a digital format to look for services. Even your mother, who uses YouTube, kids for school project, or grandparents for exercises; No doubt the digital platform has become a boon for people who earlier had to struggle for trivial things. Businesses, therefore, don’t need to reconsider connecting with Digital marketing company in India as they are cognizant of the immense benefits they could win with a small investment.

That is the reason everyone prefers marketing their products and services via digital platforms which is more affordable and result oriented than traditional marketing tricks. Here are the 10 major reasons why digital marketing is very popular in India, and it’s going to rule the space in coming years.

  1. Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

The biggest reason why businesses have started creating the top blog for digital marketing is the inefficiency of traditional marketing which was only dependent on manpower and physical activities including the door to door selling, and mouth promotion. It was more expensive to hire salesmen, print and distribute pamphlets etc. Now, however, businesses only need to connect with a digital marketing company for designing the best marketing strategy to connect with the clients on social media.

Take real estate for example, earlier people had to advertise about themselves using banners and posters, but now it has become simpler. Customers use internet, and directly visit the websites where they not only can find and compare deals, but can also have a look at the concerned property before staring a conversation.

  • Digital is the Latest Trend

No businessmen is foolish enough to disappoint their customers. Everyone wants to experience the trendy and high-tech services, and it is palpable that no one would wish to connect with a business through using outdated marketing tricks. So, it is better for companies to target their user where they actually are looking for similar products and services. Be it the entrepreneur or a roadside stall owner, everyone has acknowledged the power of social media, and has utilized the available platforms to catch new clients.

  • Digital India Campaign

The demand for best digital marketing blog website was already high, and the Digital Indian Initiatives of Indian Govt have boosted it further. There are numerous benefits of using digital media including the ease of living, safety and privacy, standard of living and many more, and customers no more are afraid of trying trendy applications. The govt. has taken this initiative to transform India into a digitally empowered country, and it is with these efforts that people from small towns can also access the opportunities. So, the Digital India Campaign had indeed boosted the number of Internet users, and became one of the reasons why Digital Marketing is popular in India.

  • Targeting Global Audience

Internet makes it easy to connect with global audience which was not as simple with traditional marketing. NOW, businesses only need share an interesting and valuable post with international audience to reach global market. The phrase, “Being Digital is Being Global” perfectly fits the scenario as everyone has the access to promote their products on a global level with the use of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. to promote and sell their services to people sitting in any corner of the world.

There are many digital marketing Companies in India who design services for their clients in UK, USA, and Canada, etc. and the bonds are strengthening with each project. The number of International companies serving Indian Clients is also increasing with the expansion in Internet users.

  • Digital Marketing Courses

The fact that Digital Marketing has become an altogether different business sector, has boosted the demand of Digital Marketing Courses. The number of students enrolling in such courses highlights the growing demand of professionals in the field.

  • Development in Small Towns

Initially Phones, Internet, and Digital Media were considered as the facilities available in town, but it is not the case anymore. The small towns and village areas are also becoming a part of the digital world as they also have started using the online platforms for knowledge and awareness. Many businesses are launching their branches in small towns, and village areas to connect these places with global audience.

  • Cost Effective

The reason why Digital Marketing is immensely popular, and is going to remain the same is because businesses can afford to connect with the top website for digital marketing. The services will offer the best results in less price than they had to invest in the promotion using the traditional marketing. Initially, people had to spend a lump-sum amount for the promotion of their business using the newspaper ads. The mouth to mouth promotion was time consuming as compared to using the digital media. Using Facebook and such platforms for advertisements cost only Rs 40, and the PPC ads only costs 1 to 2 Rs. So, there is no doubt digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing.

  • Better Engagement Rate

As compared to traditional marketing, connecting with digital marketing company in India promises a better engagement rate. Earlier, it was difficult to trace the engagement rate because no one could clear if readers were interested in the advertisements or not. Now, however, people can share their reviews, and comments on specific posts and it is easy to trace the engagement rate. Companies nowadays keep their customers engaged with attractive deals and offers.

  • Advancement in the Number of Internet Users

It is obvious that the growth in the number of Internet user has also increased the demand of Digital Marketing Agencies, businesses desire to entice the new internet users to connect with them and buy their services. The number of internet users has increased with the Digital India Initiatives and also after the launch of Reliance Jio Offers, and also resulted in the expansion of Digital Marketing business.

  1. Digital Classified Market

It is a proven fact that the overall revenue generated from Classifieds is much more than other sectors. The data that shows that digital marketing earns more profit proves the popularity of best digital marketing blog, and it also motivates startups to enter into the same business field.

There is no doubt that digital marking is the prevalent business field, and will remain the same because the Institutions and coaching centers have prepared some brilliant minds who will rule the marketing sector with their creativity and expertise. The marketers, who are smart enough to adapt to transforming times, and willing to excel in the cut-throat competition will definitely succeed in the digital marketing field.