If you’re owning a website and wish to improve your digital marketing skills for your online business, then you must be looking for the best webmaster tools and technology to improve your website’s ranking on search results. Even if you are not familiar with such tools, you must not forget to learn about the role of webmaster for a new website. Once you acknowledge the significance of webmaster for any website or online business, you would definitely want to learn how to start webmaster for a new website. Webmaster tools have become necessary for Tech-Savvy SEO marketers because no digital marketer can survive the cut-throat competition by using next-gen applications and tools.

How to use Webmaster Tools?

Google Webmaster is a free online application with which the SEO Experts can analyze their websites and plan better strategies to improve their website’s ranking on search engines. It is an online tool which you can access online to see how your website is performing on the internet.

Stepwise Process To Use Webmaster For A New Website

1. Add Your Website To Webmaster Tool

You would first of all have to sign in to the webmaster using your google account. After that, you will have to add the website property to the webmaster tool. You don’t necessarily need to run the webmaster on a computer because the webmaster also comes in the form of Android application. So, you may try adding your website on the app as well. After adding the website, you would have to verify your account.

2. Webmaster Verification Process

There are numerous ways to verify your site to use Google Webmaster. You can try either of the methods to verify your account on Google webmaster and then continue with the process. You have completed a stage once you have verified your website. After verifying the website, you become eligible to use the free tools and features available on Google Webmaster. 

Here is how to use the SEO Webmaster tools 

There are numerous tabs in a webmaster that the developers have provided to assist the digital marketer and SEO Executives. These applications offer different types of data to help the marketers to analyze and optimize the website for Google Search Results.

1. Search Traffic Tab

It is the most significant function for SEO optimization because it allows the researchers to find the best keywords to target the right kind of audience. This tool helps SEO Executives to target specific audience groups.

These keywords can help you grab new opportunities to attract more and more traffic for your website. You can do this by creating content pages for the most searched keywords and topics. You can directly initiate keyword research to look for the most searched topics to find new ideas and content topics.


2. Link to your Website Tab

The Links To Your Site tab is a very influential tool to search for backlink opportunities. The best quality backlinks are required to boost the Domain Authority of your website. Better domain authority will result in a better SEO for your website.

3. Total Backlinks

The tab for total backlinks allows you to see how many total backlinks your website has, also it allows you to and monitor your website’s growth by performing weekly and monthly checks. In case you see that your backlink profile is stagnating, you can shift your efforts towards backlink generation. 

It also allows you to analyze who else can link to your website, and helps you to target similar businesses and sectors who might be interested in linking to you and your website.

4. Most Linked Content Tab

In this tab, you can select and choose the most popular and the most linked-to content. After selecting such content, you can analyze users’ interest and create content on similar topics and style. It will help you get more and more backlinks.

Different Features of Webmaster Tools

You would see numerous tabs after signing in to the webmaster. These tools include Search Appearance, Crawl, Google Index, Search Traffic.

The Search Appearance tab has a set of features that are there to help you modify and optimize your website’s appearance on Google’s Search Results. 

The tab named Crawl offers you significant information about all crawl errors or blocked pages on your website might have. Major features that are available in the Crawl tab include the testing feature and submitting your sitemaps to Google. Apart from these features, it also allows you to test your robots.txt file.

The Google Index tab available in the Webmaster helps you track your website pages that have been indexed by Google. You can also monitor how the number of indexed pages changes with time. It also allows you to have an eye on the blocked URLs.

There you would find a section named Remove URLs. It helps you to remove precise URLs from the search results. You can also monitor the pages that were automatically removed from Google Index. You can re-include the URLs to google if you had previously removed it. 

One of the most essential tabs in the Webmaster is Search Traffic. The top SEO Executives are well aware of the importance of this tab. They use it for the Keyword Research Purpose.

In the Google Search Results, however, you can record the queries and keywords people mostly search for on Google. You would find some specific keyword most people look for when they click your website link on Google Search Results. This tab allows you to apply some filters with which you can check the metrics by clicks, CTR, impressions, and the average position on Google. 

The Links to Your Site tab, as we told you above, displays the websites that mostly link to your site. Also, the most linked contents and topics. The anchor text of those links will help you improve your backlinks. 

In the above article, we explained how webmaster works, and how can you use its features and tools to maximize your website traffic with a website. We have also tried to explain the process of using Webmaster for new websites by telling how to add your website on Google Webmaster. In case you have some doubts or need further assistance or the SEO Webmaster Services, you can connect with us. We are always ready to help the emerging business to promote their business online.