In easy way to understand the definition of PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

If you are asking what PPC is, then, I would say, you already know the answer.  You daily encounter several examples of PPC, but you have never bothered to notice. Today, I am going to tell you what exactly is PPC, and how it works for businesses. I am sharing the best blog for PPC to help you understand the basics of PPC. Before starting with the definition, I would like to divert your attention to how a google search result appears. Don’t worry, I am not wasting your time. Ok, search for “stylish jackets shopping near me” on Google, and see the results. You must have seen thousands of links, but apart from that, you might also have discovered some advertisements for jackets, shoes, and other related products. These ads are examples of Pay-Per-Click.

Why does google display the pay per click advertisements?

Pay-Per-Click means that the advertiser pays a certain amount of money to Google or any other search engines whenever someone clicks on the ad. By per click, we literally mean PER Click. Let’s continue with the example, if you are looking for trendy jackets, you would definitely click on the ad to discover some amazing options. Whether you buy something, or not. The fact that you clicked the advertisement lets google earn the money. Similarly, when you connect with the best PPC Agency in India, you have to pay whenever people click on your advertisement. Payment for every click sounds unfair, but you find it trivial whenever you win genuine clients as you earn way more than what you have pay.

Let’s have a look at the PPC mechanism to know how it works

The only way you can learn the best PPC tips and tricks is by understanding the difference between various kinds of online advertisements. You understand how the top PPC companies work to maximize your benefit.

1.      GOOGLE ADS

There are many types of PPC ads, but Google Ads remains on top because it highlights the advertisements based on users’ preference. The best Google AdWords ads do not irritate users with continuous pop-ups. They, on the other hand, offer personalized options for specific users. The category of Google Ads includes other types such as Search Ads, Local Search Ads, Display Ads, Payroll, and Remarketing.

Search Ads – The example I used above was actually a form of Search ad. It is the most used form of PPC, and common people believe that PPC and search ads are the same thing.

Local Search Ads – These are a subset of search ads. For example, if you are own business in Delhi, and offer services to nearby locations, then posting your ad on a national level would only cost you extra money. So, the local search ad section displays your advertisement when people from your selected area looks for concerned products and services.

Display Network – Display network is also a form of advertisements, but it is different from PPC. These are, basically, the text-based ads, those which we see on top of the search results as the website ads.

Payroll Ads – There is no need for a long definition. Payroll ads are those that disturb you when you are watching online videos on YouTube or any other video streaming websites. Whenever you click to play any video, you have to watch an advertisement, and you get the prompt to skip the ad. These are payroll ads, and the payroll ads are designed for video formats.

Remarketing/Retargeting – The word Re means again, so it is obvious that you are connecting with users for the second time. The simplest definition is that you have done business with the users in the past, and you have to nudge your ex-clients. You post these ads, so that, they can re-consider you when they need your products and services. With remarketing ads, you not only target your ex-clients but those who were interested in your business in the past.


Another major category of PPC Advertisements is Social Media Ads. The reach of social media is expanding with time, and that’s the reason everyone has started looking at it as a great platform for Pay-Per-Click Advertising. While Facebook and Instagram are the best platforms for Business to Customer (B2C) business, Linked is the top choice for posting Business to Business (B2B) ads. The ads can be in multiple forms including images, videos, pop-ups, text, website, etc.

The Top PPC Company will guide you with different types of ads and ask you about your requirements and expectations. You can maximize your profit after connecting with the best PPC agency in India. You need to know different types of PPC to target a specific audience. For example, if you are not aware of local search ads, you would keep wasting your money on PPC Campaigns. So, this is how the Pay per click works. I hope I have prepared the best PPC blog, and you have understood what PPC is and how does it work. You can further contact me if you have any doubts regarding PPC, or any other digital marketing tools and tricks.