Improve Your Social Media Presence


Everyone knows how to best do their work, so do you, but knowing how to work is not enough. When it comes to responsibility, you must work like a pro. Especially when you are trusted with a responsibility like social media marketing that should be performed with the utmost sincerity and vigilance because social media has become the most powerful tool. There was a time when people would somewhere find an advertisement and will contact the undersigned, which, however, is not the case now. We are living in the 21st century, and this age is guided by competition. You can never attain your goals without a full proof plan. So yes! When it comes to marketing, you do need a solid Social Media Marketing Strategy in order to win potential clients.

It has been about a decade since social media has spread its wings across all sectors, and it’s time you too acknowledge that a great approach can uplift your business and help you lead the race. Being aware of the significance, if you are using these platforms but not getting desirable results then there are chances that either you are working without a plan or your current approach not suitable for the competition you are a part of. You have by the way reached the correct place if you are having the same issue as I pointed above. This article would not only help you locate your mistakes, but also guide you with proper steps you should take as I am going to share the Best Social Media Marketing Tips of 2019 with you.

You were wrong if you were randomly making postings. What I mean here is that many of us make social media postings when we are free from our main work. This is something you must stop right now. It would only waste your time and efforts because social media marketing needs proper research about your business, customers, and their expectations. You just need to follow the below tips in the same order and you will, in no time prepare the No 1 Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Research before starting the campaign

The finest planning would ask you to compete three phases before, during and after you post anything with your official account. First of all let me tell you how to prepare and decide the topics you have to touch upon.

Decide your aims first – Some people might laugh at the idea because most often, the aim is to maximize the profit. But, here I am talking about the long term businesses when people don’t just seek profit but to enhance the brand awareness, company values, and customer satisfaction which would ultimately boost the revenue. So what has motivated you to start social media marketing is what you have to decide first, and later you can work accordingly.

  • Research about your audience – People who only want to increase the traffic would again not get it. It’s for people like you, who aim to satisfy your audience and prefer providing quality over quantity. Determine the social section you wish to target and what could be their education level. It would help you design your post accordingly and you won’t irritate your potential clients.
  • Upgrade yourself with the next gen technology – You must not waste your time and energy in creating outdated content. If people prefer content with comprehensive videos then you must include in order to beat the competition.

Don’t go with the flow

Many people do research but they forget to use filters while researching. Suppose your research says people mostly prefer short content as they don’t have time to read and prepare design your posts accordingly. It would only be beneficial for professionals as they would only read headlines, but WHAT IF you are targeting learners or vice versa? They will open your post but leave the site soon if they won’t get the proper knowledge. That’s why I would suggest not to go with the flow, and be selective while researching.

  • Keep your headlines Catchy – There is no doubt that you will find competition and there are many people who are preparing the same topics, but readers would only open the post with a catchy and interesting headline. You can do this with the help of many tools. These tools works according to the search engines, and suggest the top keywords and headlines.
  • Visually attractive post is the need of the hour – Fill your post with images and videos, but not to the extent that they overshadow your write up. Screenshots and videos work if related to technical field. If you are posting your views on some incident or current affairs, then you can share the videos links, or images etc.
  • Inform rather than promote – Most people would simply swipe you post and unfollow your profile if they see words like, Get & Buy at start because they make your social media account as an advertisement platform which mostly appears as spam.
  • Engage with your audience – Along with determining your aims, you should at least once think why anyone would read your post. Simple, because they want to learn, and their friends are not aware about the specific topic. So, your post should be engaging where the reader feel connected, also ask for their feedback and offer further help through email and phone.

Track the reaction of your action

It is normal if your starting posts do not please you, but they would surely help you improve your skills in future. Take some time after a few postings and analyze viewers’ response. Compare the most viewed and commented posts with unsuccessful ones and find what is lacking.

  • See what your fellows are doing – At start, you might fail to win the response you were hoping for, but you don’t need to feel wretched because you still are left with myriad opportunities. Don’t feel dejected and connect with your friends in the same sector. You can also research on what your competitors are doing. Find out about their preferred social media platforms, and see if their Social Media Marketing Strategy can help you determine your faults.
  • Decide the best time to make postings – Ignoring the time factor is one of the silliest errors people often make. They do prepare quality posts, but posting them at improper time makes them worthless. You must decide the correct posting time according to your audiences’ life-style and preferences. It might take some efforts from you at start, but it would offer long-term benefits.

So, these were some Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks you should follow if you wish to improve your previous approach and boost your business with different social media tools. I hope you have successfully located the mistakes you were making by now, and also have got some idea of what needs to be done for the advancement of your business. You can further clear your doubts in the comment, as I would wait for your reviews and suggestions regarding the Social Media Marketing Tips I have listed above.