Data Analytics / Business Analytics

Data Analytics / Business Analytics

Your digital marketing campaign is up and running but the challenge is to measure the effectiveness of it. A digital marketing campaign requires huge investment and the company would really like to know how their return on investment is shaping up. MEMAT Digi provides marketing data analytics services so that you can find out the effectiveness of the digital marketing campaign.

Marketers think of marketing data analytics as some sort of tool to calculate traffic, unique visitors, bounce rate etc. All this is part of web analytics and mainly provides data related to the performance of your website. To understand the effectiveness of the marketing campaign, digital marketers need more insightful data.

Our data analytics services help you understand the part of the marketing campaign which is working fine and the part which is lagging behind. We completely understand how data analytics work and on the basis of the analysis of your marketing campaign we can help you improve the parts which are lagging behind. MEMAT Digi has some metrics to calculate the performance of your marketing campaign so that your business can perform better.

How we use data analytics to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign:

  1. SMART GOALS: We make sure that the goals of your digital marketing campaign are smart, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Most of the digital marketers take a fragmented approach. This basically involves collecting data about different techniques used like e-mail marketing, SEO, SMO, and so on and compiling them in one place. Doing so creates confusion and gives a mixed bag of everything. Whereas MEMAT Digi implements an all-in-one reporting platform where data of all marketing activities are systematically arranged.
  2. CAMPAIGN BASED REPORTING: We use data analytics tools to represent a holistic view of marketing data. Our tools can track the journey of each customer interacting with a different marketing technique. Also, it shows the journey of your marketing content through different phases.
  3. COST OF CUSTOMER ACQUISITION: Our data analytics team gathers data from a variety of tools to ascertain the cost of acquisition of a new customer. This is particularly useful when you want to eliminate some content from your digital marketing campaign because it is not helping enough in the acquisition of new customers.
  4. CLOSED-LOOP REPORTING: MEMAT Digi uses closed-loop reporting technique. This technique brings the marketing efforts and the sales team closer and establishes how the marketing techniques deployed are positively impacting sales.
  5. Digital marketing data analytics is a powerful tool and combining it with web analytics will give your business better connectivity with the target audience. Use our data analytics services and grow your business in no time.