PPC Packages Service

PPC Packages Service



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*Valid solely when you create a new Adwords Account
**1 Set consists of 1 creative in Eight distinctive Banner sizes

Our PPC packages are tailored to meet the various wishes of small corporations and massive corporations. With three PPC plans and PPC pricing starting from USD 300 per month, we offer you the flexibility to select the best in shape for your price range and website, when you are searching for PPC applications India. What's more, we are a Google Adwords Certified Partner and have a lengthy history of successful PPC Package Results Driven. With years of ride in PPC marketing campaign management, our PPC specialists make sure the lowest price per click for you.

In addition to Google Adwords, our PPC consultants also have journey in managing PPC campaigns on Microsoft Ad center, Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms. With all these advantages, we are the fantastic preference if you prefer to get advantageous PPC applications India.

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Frequently Asked Questions on PPC Package Plan

  • Are Custom PPC packages plans available?
    Yes, we can customize PPC packages for you. We will give you a entire quote relying on your organization's needs.
  • Can I exchange my PPC bundle later?
    Yes, you can exchange your bundle (downgrade or upgrade), with at least 1 month's notice.
  • Do you cost a set up fee?
    No, we do not charge a set up rate for any of our PPC plans.
  • What is the minimum contract period for these PPC Plans?
    3 Months. Based on our experience, it generally takes 1-2 months to optimize ppc campaigns and start driving centered leads.
  • What is the payment schedule for the PPC Packages?
    Monthly. The Invoice for your PPC Package will be generated at the starting of the Service Month and