PR (Public Relation)

PR (Public Relation)

There is a very thin line that separates marketing and public relations. Marketing professionals’ goal is to have the consumer do something that directly correlates to sales. In other words, their primary concern is selling products and services that directly correlate to revenue for the company. On the other hand, a public relations professional’s goal is to maintain an overall positive reputation of the brand. So to maintain this positive reputation, a huge part of public relations is strategizing how to promote a brand to the media and the public to create genuine interest. This interest is traditionally created to earned media like a column in the newspaper or a spot on a local morning show.

MEMAT Digi is one of the best public relations agencies in Delhi. Our areas of expertise include online branding, political PR, and online reputation management. We know the importance of having a positive image in the media which is why we use all necessary channels to build your brand’s reputation and maintain it in the eyes of customers, media, and all other stakeholders.

MEMAT Digi’s public relation professionals take up activities like crisis communication, event management, internal communications, and general reputation management for brands. Today, public relations and the media industry have been transformed by social media. PR has really become involved with social media because it is the perfect platform to directly connect with the audience and create genuine interest by showing the brand’s personality and engaging with the target audience to get your brand on a more personal level.

We focus more on earned media and build up those relationships with media contacts so that we can promote the brands that we represent on a larger level and have an even greater impact. All in all, we facilitate communication between a brand and media while maintaining a positive brand image. We scan your business opportunities, threats, strengths, and weaknesses and then design a PR campaign for your brand. Our mission is to create a positive image of our clients’ brands and help them increase their audience base via strategic communication.

Here are some benefits of taking PR services from MEMAT Digi:

  1. BETTER ENGAGEMENT WITH THE COMMUNITY: We help your brand collaborate with local groups, charitable endeavours etc. which are pivotal for solidifying your position in the industry.
  2. INDUSTRY TIES: Your business deserves. limelight irrespective of its size. We help brands to establish themselves as emerging names in the industry.
  3. CRISIS MANAGEMENT: Most of the businesses have to face the wrath of media once in their lifetime. During such times, a lot of negativity is spread about the company. Our public relation specialists make sure that controversies do not hamper the brand image of our clients. Also, we clarify any false allegations on behalf of our clients so that it doesn’t affect their business.
  4. NEW INVESTORS: When a positive brand image is portrayed, investors become interested in the business and may express their desire to invest in the business.
  5. IMPROVED SEO: The ranking of a company website rises automatically when our PR team fosters a positive brand image for your business on the internet.