Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

One of the most exciting things about virtual reality is just where it is going to get to. Right now we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg of potential and one of the best technologies that’s coming to intersect with virtual reality is actually something called volumetrics.

The main idea of virtual reality is to replace your reality with something new, virtual computer-generated environment. It could be some game or some environment you walk around or some video that’s playing all around when you look around but the idea is to trick your brain into thinking that that’s your new reality.

The first use of VR was made by the air force personnel as a part of their flight training program. Obviously, it made sense because it was safer and cheaper to have new pilots practising stuff like fighting manoeuvres, shooting things, ejecting and crashing all without actually causing damage to multimillion-dollar planes and properties. In 2019, the use cases of VR have gone up tremendously and one of the major implications of VR is in the field of digital marketing.

Consumers are asking for new ways to consume content and virtual reality is the latest and greatest way digital marketers can present their content to the consumers. It takes consumer interaction with the product or services a few notches up. Also, it is worth noting that over 75% of companies in the world have already started integrating VR content in their digital marketing strategy. MEMAT Digi can develop VR content for your business so that you can give your customers a memorable shopping experience. If you are a business owner and have a website in place, integrating VR elements into it will bring your products and services a tad bit closer to the customers.

The main objective of brand owners when using VR is to provide a higher degree of user interactivity with the product. It is anticipated that by 2022, the VR industry will rake in approximately $35 billion. A VR headset is a piece of technology that is used to interact with VR content. Around 80 million VR headsets are expected to be sold in 2020. In a recent survey, it has been found that 60% of customers expect the brand they are interacting with to have VR content whereas 70% of the customers believe that if a company has VR content in place, then that company is far-sighted.


VR content created by us is sure to give your customers a unique experience. Here is how our virtual reality production studio in India will include VR in your digital marketing campaign:

  1. VR content is more creative, attractive, and engaging but it needs to be created carefully. For VR content creation, our team of VR experts will closely analyze your brand and then create content which will attract customers in large numbers.
  2. We scan the channels through which the customers interact with your brand the most. The type of VR content for Facebook, YouTube, Website, and Application is different. So, we keep that in mind and create immersive VR content accordingly.
  3. MEMAT Digiis a top virtual reality production company in Delhi NCR, India and uses VR as a tool to tell the story of your brand.
  4. How cool would it be if your customers could put on a VR headset and visit your showroom in virtual reality? We can help you realize this dream and your customers won’t have to leave their couch when browsing for products.
  5. Including VR in your content strategy now will give your business the first-mover advantage. VR is currently in its early stages but when the technology ripens, your brand will become a customer magnet. Using our best virtual reality products service in Delhi NCR, your business will create a distinct name for itself.