Top 5 Way Simple to Increase Traffic On Website

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Every business owner that has a website in place wants their digital marketers to increase the organic traffic on the website. Well, every business wants more traffic on its website as it translates to more leads, increases business transactions, and a higher level of awareness about your business among the people. Sometimes it is really very difficult to add the perfect ingredients in the digital marketing campaign to get the job done. Some of the techniques can be expensive and time-consuming.

Organic traffic in simple terms is the traffic that visits your site directly via a search engine and has no prior contact to the advertisements you have put out there. The website only gets organic traffic when it is built properly and people think that it is worth visiting. The main contributor to increasing organic traffic is engaging content, useful information, and resources relevant to the visitors.

As mentioned above, the organic traffic is the one that visits you straight via a search engine, not by clicking on a PPC ad or a promoted post on Facebook. Organic traffic mainly depends on online buzz which can be at times a bit hard to create. You can try Google Adwords or paid posts on Facebook but these have a price associated with them and the traffic these generate would not be termed as organic traffic because there is a cost associated with each visiting individual.

The paid marketing model is beneficial in the short run as it will give you an initial surge in traffic but after sometime, you will have to switch to sustainable measures to create buzz. Organic traffic doesn’t have any cost attached to them and hence some people tend to move away from this option thinking that it isn’t effective. It takes time, motivation, patience, hard work, and perseverance to increase organic traffic on the website.

In an attempt to increase organic traffic, some businesses launch a website and start posting daily blogs and ads on social media platforms. This is surely not the way to go about it as the traffic decreases after a few days which is not profitable to the business.

Thankfully, there are a lot of good strategies to increase organic traffic. It is better to seek a marketing strategy than to go by the hit and trial method. Here are some strategies to increase organic traffic on the website.

CONTENT CREATION AND DISTRIBUTION: A good piece of content is compelling enough for people to visit your website on a regular basis. Also, you must not forget that posting very less or over posting will probably irritate your followers and they might never come back to your website. The key here is to maintain a steady flow of content so that people actually wait for you to drop something. Also, the content must be informative and engaging so that the visitors start recognizing you as a trustworthy source of information.

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Content can be anything starting from blog posts, videos, podcasts, memes, how-to-articles, and info graphics to interviews, case studies, product reviews, top 10 lists, and guest posts. After the creation is done, send it to people in your circle and request them to share the content further. This is the least you can do to promote the content you have created.

Even if you want to find the good content writing service in delhi ncr to promote your small and big business contact us. Therefore, the distribution of the content is a must when trying to increase organic traffic.

  • SEO AND DIGITAL MARKETING: SEO and digital marketing are sure to up the number of visitorson your website. Content marketing is a part of digital marketing and the content pieces should be in line with the SEO strategy. This will push your website on the top 3 spots of the Google search results. When this happens, the traffic on your website automatically increases. A good SEO strategy includes updating content on the website on a regular basis, creating SEO optimized landing pages, and building links both internal and external.
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SEO single handedly cannot increase organic traffic. It needs to be combined with a proper digital marketing strategy for success.

  • USING KEYWORDS: Keywords help Google and all other search engines to recognize your business. Keywords should be placed strategically within the website content or in the blog posts. For example, if you are in the business of selling sports equipment, your website might include words like “sports equipment” and “racquets”. These keywords will get the job done for you. Even better if you use long-tail keywords like “best sports equipment seller” and “ABC sports equipment Pvt. Ltd.”.

Long-tail keywords will rank your website somewhere on the first page because the keywords used are specific.

  • USE SOCIAL MEDIA: After filling your website with long-tail keywords, interesting blogs, and informative content, it is now time to leverage the power of social media to promote your website and blogs. Social media is still in a growing phase and will continue to grow. Being present on social media platforms is absolutely necessary to make your presence felt. Social media can be used to drive organic traffic to your website. All you have to do is select the right platform and the right content. Posting on social media costs nothing but your website will be visible to a lot more people.

It is important to keep in mind that content on social media is shareable. If a person shares your post, info graphic, meme, or anything on their social media, it is going to be visible to a large number of individuals. Putting a small company logo on the bottom of the post will help people recognize the company from which it is coming. This will give a lot of exposure to your brand as well.

  • USE INTERNAL LINKS: To establish yourself as a trustworthy authority, you need content to back it up. For example, when a visitor reads a good blog post, they might want to read more of your work. Therefore, it is beneficial for the business to provide internal links to other blogs. This will make it easier for the visitor to read more of your content. Also, try to encourage other sites to provide links to your website. For this, you can request clients, family and friends, suppliers, fellow bloggers, and industry leaders.

Backlinks will not only increase traffic on your website but also help you increase the ranking of your website. Google is biased towards sites that have incoming links. All you have to do is make sure that the backlinks are from reputable websites. The main motive is to bring people to your website. The purchase decision is something which isn’t in