Simple Way to Know about Google Analytics

Before looking for the best google analytics tips, you must first understand what it is, and what major functions does it perform. You might have heard the name of Google Analytics even if you are new to the world of digital marketing. I am sure you do not have accurate information about its role and features. You know how playing with guns without knowing where to target might backfire. Something similar happens when you use technical tools for your company website. Let me take a few minutes of you time to correct your knowledge about the famous SEO tool provided by Google itself. Google had launched this free tool for almost everyone who owns a website, but people with lesser knowledge can sometimes fail to understand how it could be best used to maximize the profit.

I would start with the layman explanation for the Google Analytics. So, to explain it in the easiest language I would say the tool analysis your website. Yes, and the technical and difficult explanation begins when we start discussing what this analysis means. Analysis is when we know where our company stands in comparison with others. It tells you about your website ranking, etc.

You can skip the next paragraph if you are already aware of its functions and want to learn how it works, but you might miss something you were unaware about, so I would suggest you have a look at the functions of one of the best analytical tools.

Why do people use Analytical tool?

  • The most common reason people use analytics is to know if they are getting enough traffic.
  • Not only do they count it, they also figure out how the traffic actually arrives to the site, and what it is to differentiate their best and worst posts.
  • Analytics also helps learning about the common traffic source, if the traffic is organic, referral, direct, and social.
  • NOW, knowing the source is essential as it would help you figure out the best strategy for the future.
  • Analysis is also essential for tracing the bounce rate, and to figure out solutions to reduce it.

Tells the search engine you are performing best on. The data provided by analysis tools most help in deciding where you need to work hard and what are the places you need to promote your content. For example, if you are getting traffic from, then you must increase postings there, and also find out a solution to get more traffic from other platforms.

By now, you have learned how such tools help you prepare the best analytics strategy. But, have you ever wondered, how does this tool work? Most of us usually focus on the outcome, ignoring the mediums, and this is what we need to change. You must know how analytical tools work in order to hold command over them. So! Don’t just keep wondering as it’s the correct time to reveal the mystery since I am going to inform you about it apart from suggesting the best analytics tips and tricks. Continue reading the blog if you are willing to prepare the top social media marketing strategy.

How does Google Analytics work?

Analytical tools has to perform multiple operations in order to provide the exact and accurate data. So, we would need to understand its work process in steps. It would also be easy for you to understand the process. Google first has to collect the data of the visitors who open your website, after collecting the information it has to process it in sections, groups, according to the users’ category. And last but not the least, it has to generate the report in simple and comprehensive tables and graphs so that you can utilize the information and maximize your profit. I know it’s becoming too complicated and difficult for you to digest it in one go, and that is why I have explained it in chunks.

1.       Collection of data – As I have mentioned, you need the exact data related to the traffic you are getting in order to apply the best Google analytics tips. So, this is how it goes. See, whenever anyone clicks on your link or visits your site, even if it is for a millisecond, Google collects all their information to provide a unique identity code by using the JavaScript. This JavaScript is what you had created while designing the website. Whenever anyone enters your domain, google sends cookies to their browser to track their engagement with your site, for example the duration, language, time, which page is being watched, and also if that person has been directed to your site from social media, or it’s directly from google search results. It also keeps the information about the device they are using while visiting your website.

2.       Processing of data – Now, though the user has left, the analytic tool keeps the data for future interactions. The saved information is used to determine new user and returning user. If someone has returned, then google start recording their choices, and preference. Google also looks forward to classify these users into multiple groups. For example, people who stays for more than a limited time, group of people landing from a specific social media platform, a group of people leaving and increase the bounce rate. Google does this with the help of unique ID it has allotted to them while collected their data. So, whenever a person with the same account, or device returns, Google recognizes him as the returning user provides a new ID only when that person has deleted their cookies set by your JavaScript.

3.       Generating Reports – The Google Analytic reports are a made of dimensions and metrics. The dimension I am talking about is the attributes that are mostly common in everyone’s report of the same sector. For example if the report is showing the data for global users, then the dimensions would be US, INDIA, UK, CANADA and so on. These dimensions would remain the same for everyone looking for global reports. The metrics, however, are unique as they display specific results. Your users in UK, US, India would definitely differ from your competitor, while the dimension will be same. These are the stage google analytics has to clear in order to prepare the best report for you. I have already told you how important it is to consider these reports if you want to improve your site ranking. You can also use multiple tools that are available on the internet if you want to reach on the top of your field. You must, I would suggest, connect with the top data analytics services in India, if you are not efficient enough to understand the analytics and if you need professional help. Connecting with the best data analytics company in India is another option you can go for because they not only help you figure out you data but also assists you determine the best strategy.