Focus on Social Media Strategy to Get Leads for Your Business

Whenever you enter in1to an IT Company, the first thing you hear is Lead Generation. There are numerous ways one can generate leads, but the use of social media has become quite popular nowadays. So, let us start with tips to generate leads from social media. Before that, however, I would like to clear the idea of Leads. Many people prefer hiring the top social media agency in Delhi, India for the same. But, do you know what Leads are? NO! By Leads, we understand the number of people who have who are interested in your business. You get to know about the potential customers via the contact information, messages, or queries. Customers often share their contact information with which you can later approach them or share the information with your sales department to prepare the marketing strategy accordingly.

Why do you need social media for lead generation?

The fact that 90% of people never respond to telemarketers or those who promote their calls on the phone makes it clear that it is essential to find the best social media marketing tips 2019. The best platform for promoting the business nowadays is social media, and everyone is ready for a conversation on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

While you take actions for lead generation using social media, it boosts your capabilities to concentrate on the target audience and offers high-quality leads because you connect with interested people only. Finding such a group of people is the major concern of B2B marketers.

Stepwise Process of Lead Generation via Social Media

  1. Promote Gated Content

First of all, you need to share gated content. You might be confused about the gated content. You can understand it with the word hidden content. Prepare the top social media marketing strategy before sharing the gated content. But, before that you need to learn what gated content is.

In gated content, you can only read a few lines and have to share your information such as the email ID, to read the entire content. It is the example of gated content. You can also share the link of any of your content, which you think has the potential to entice the readers to share their details to visit your site and read the content.You must have seen such content on facebook or Instagram.

The gated content might increase the bounce rate because some of the readers might exit the page before sharing their details. The content, therefore, should be very interesting and valuable so that people can share their details just to read it further. A better approach would be to hire the best SMO Company in India, and ask them to use these tactics.

  • Start Attractive Contests

Are there people who don’t like prizes? I don’t think so! So, the best idea is to think of unique and fascinating games and contests related to your business. There are two aspects you need to consider. The chief concern is that the idea should be captivating to attract more participants, and the second one is that it should only attract your potential customers.

  • Use Social Media for Advertisements

We can target a specific audience group with the organic posts on social media, and it is quite beneficial, but the additional step to utilize the social platforms is by using them for advertisements. Multiple specific social media lead generation tools that have been specially outlined for B2B organizations. You can use the Facebook lead ads, Instagram Lead ads, LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, or use them together as the top social media marketing strategy.

  • Utilize Facebook Custom Tabs

The Facebook Business Page is one of the best platforms for getting quality leads from social media. The research data says that most of the users do participate in such contest as I mentioned above, and this is the best strategy to use Facebook social media as the lead generation tool.

Creating custom tabs for specific business needs can be a great approach. You can either ask your developer to create these tabs or use the Facebook page apps to create such tabs. You can also design the lead generation form to ask for their information.

  • Consider hosting a hangout, webinar, or live videos

Webinars are one of the types of gated content. You can also use Google+ hangout, or live videos to generate leads using social media or hire a lead generation company. If you wish the try it yourself,

You can try two approaches to for lead generation using video, hangout, or webinar. One of them is to present the video as gated content. It would entice the users to register their detail to see the video.

Another way you can use the video to connect with the audience is to open the video for a wide audience. You can use the open video to introduce some offers or contest. Rather than sharing the video to the social platform, you can share the link for the landing page.

  • Try the Geo-targeted Search

For businesses like brick and motors, people must go local. By, geo-targeting, we mean using the google location to find and connect with nearby customers. Most businesses have commenced trying the geo-targeting to connect with local audiences and to maximize the, but only a few of them are using the geo-targeted social search. With geo-targeted search, we can find and connect with interested clients and invite them to join you.

You can use the Twitter Advanced Search by moving to the “Places” option and choosing the exact location. It will help you connect with nearby clients. The Hootsuite is also a great option where you can click on the magnifying glass icon and enter your query. You can also install the Hootlet Chrome Extension. There, you only have to choose your location and select the Tweets Near Me to find your potential clients. You also have the option to ask the best digital marketing agencyin Delhi, India to do the same for you.

  • Targeting Social Media listening is also a good option

It is about using the virtual ear to keep track of everything that is happening around you. It is to ensure what your competitors or clients are saying about your company. You can use this feature by using the search streams. It will monitor significant keywords and handles of your business sector. With this, you can access the conversation, which is related to your product and services. You can also join the conversation to share some information and detail that might help you enhance your brand value.

  • Consider the Social Selling option

Social selling includes some features of social listening, sales practices, and lead generation its major function establishing meaningful business relationships. Research says that social selling does increase the number of leads. B2B marketers use social selling for lead generation, and you can try social selling tools if you wish to generate leads using social media. You can try either of these options for lead generation, or can also connect with the top lead generation agency if you desire professional assistance for boosting your leads using the social media.